Parts and materials for audio systems


Any items that are not listed here will be charged at retail price + 20%

Part Price Short description


Speech amplifie r£55 Electronic element (box)


inside door panel responsible for processing speech from and to the door. 
If all flats in building have speech problems than it is most likely culprit.

Speech amplifier for  COMELIT£80


These are digital systems rarely fitted on small installations.

1 Button handset £29

Called sometimes telephone is a device inside flat for communicating with door and/or operating lock release.
If you have problem with intercom that is affecting only your flat than this is primary suspect.

Speaker (external) £25


Most intercoms have speech amplifiers that are modular and need to be replaced as whole unit but sometimes replacing just speaker is possible.

Microphone external £25


Again if intercom has speech module it needs to be replaced as a whole but occasionally it is
possible to replace just microphone.


Handset £40  


Most systems are using 1 button handsets unless there are some special arrangements.
Like internal communication or second entrance door.

Push button (on front panel) £20


It is push button on panel situated by front door. (Ringer)

Vandal Resistant push button £25


 Like above but made of stainless steel or platered brass.

Internal buzzing element £10


It is element inside handset that produces buzzing noise when button downstairs is pushed.


Standard lock release (buzzer) £40


Standard lock release. Called sometimes buzzer as it produces characteristic buzzing noise when operating.

If lock buzzes but door is not opening than most likely it needs to be replaced.

Heavy duty CISA lock £120


Most popular heavy duty lock. easily recognized by big red square push button and "CISA" logo on front plate.
The only element that brakes down in those locks is electric magnet inside ( aka. coil).

Heavy duty ANSI lock £120


Operates similarly to standard buzzer but it is quiet

Heavy duty BANAHAM release £499


It is cost of electric release  (not whole lock)

electric coil for CISA locks £45


CISA locks extremely rarely require replacement more often it is electro magnet inside it.

Microphone/speaker (internal) £20 


Element in side handset (sometimes it can be replaced instead of whole handset.

Single voltage AC Transformer £55

Known also as power supply or  PSU for short.
If  whole  system suddenly goes down than first point of interest is Transformer

Dual voltage AC/DC Transformer £75


Some  systems (Videx, Entryphone, BPT, LT Terraneo, Farfisa) are using this type of transformers. AC circuit operates ringers and lock while DC feeds speech circuit.



Mini trunking (8 x 5)mm£1.5/meter 

Mini trunking (8 x 16)mm£2/meter 

Internal Junction box£5 

External J box (single)£6 

External J. Box (double)£10 

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