have you brought a wired doorbell and chime and need it installed?we can install it for you either wired or wireless.if it's a wired doorbell we will install the push button either on the door frame or wall ,wired direct to the door chime that we can supply or use your own our own will have a built in transformer and can be position any where in your home.we are not electricians so we will not be able to wire back to your consumer unit but we will be able to wire the transformer with a mains flex and 3amp plug to be able to plug into a nearby mains socket.the cabling will  be surfaced run but we can hide the cable in trunking but this will be at extra cost   

If you are using a chime that can have batteries installed the bell wire will be run to the doorbell the wiring will be surface run but trunking can be used but at extra get a quote please contact prices start from £30

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